Website for Paul Borg Antiques launched

27 Jul. 2012

Antiques have been the lifeblood of the Borg family for many years now. Paul Borg Antiques was established in 1945 by the late Paul Borg. His sons, who have carried on the family business, remember a time when their stores were full of examples of antique Maltese furniture… which today are nearly impossible to find.

Nowadays, in their shop, one can find all types of genuine antique Maltese, French, Italian and English furniture, as well as paintings, fine porcelain, silverware and much more.

For this client, Untangled Media create a visually-rich site with lots of photos and information on what to do if you are interested in buying or selling antiques.

The website may be accessed by clicking here:

Website for Paul Borg Antiques launched