Web Publishing Services Malta

Our core web publishing objective has always been to create and run specialized websites that fulfill a purpose in people’s daily lives. Sites that are both useful and used.


Today, we have a portfolio of effective and popular websites, which are extensively used both in Malta and internationally.


Our first website www.findit.com.mt has recently undergone a major overhaul. We’ve added a host of new features, making it an even more valuable tool for the thousands of people who use it every day. Today, it has grown into Malta’s most popular online business directory.


Our Malta travel guide www.101malta.com is proving to be a massive hit with people travelling to the Maltese islands.


We also run www.whatson.com.mt and www.shopperlottery.com

What’s On is Malta’s leading events website. If you want to find out what’s happening on the Maltese Islands, just log on and check out the events. Theatre, exhibitions, festivals, music gigs, clubbing, festas, sports…if it’s happening in Malta, it’s on www.whatson.com.mt

At Something Different, all you have to do is browse through the wide range of different experiences on offer, pick one and then use our secure online payment gateway to make your purchase.


All combined, our in-house website receive more than a million page views every single week, and that number continues to grow.