Social Media Management Services Malta

Like it or not, social media plays a big part in influencing people's decisions when purchasing literally anything... but many don't realise how big a part it plays.

According to a recent survey 78% of people will only consider purchasing a product or using a service they have encountered on social media. That's 3 in 4 people who make decisions based on social media presence.  

What's more, with 95% of the Maltese population using social media regularly, we're no longer in an age where you can afford to not take care of your social media presence - because all eyes are focused there. 

But getting down to doing the work and cracking the code to amazing social media can sometimes seem a struggle, which is why we at Untangled Media are here to help! 

With our 17 years of social media expertise and advanced AI Social Media Marketing tools, we're setting out to supercharge our clients social media marketing strategies by improving conversions and reducing costs. 

With packages starting from as little as 2 coffees a day, (or one if you're into your fancy brandname frappuccinos), our team of expert social media managers and content creators will help your social presence soar - in a way that's tangible and improves your business.

Sound interesting? Fill in the form below and let us supercharge your social media while saving you time and money!